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The Job of Language in National Solidarity

Language assumes an exceptionally indispensable job in any human network school, organization, association, gathering, home and so on the language of any human culture informs a great deal concerning that society in this manner, it tends to be additionally stressed that language and any human culture are indistinguishable. In any human culture, language involves a significant seat, more than it appears to all. The elements of language in any human network incorporate the accompanying; articulation of contemplations, political, organization, instruction, social, religious, enactment, etc.

We will anyway be utilizing Nigeria as contextual analysis. The point of any human network is to have tranquility and solidarity, numerous countries of the present reality are confronting various degrees of contentions, and Nigeria tragically is one of such nations. This paper is set to look at the job language needs to play in achieving national solidarity in Nigeria. Individuals have in the past communicated their different perspectives about the significance of language.

A speaker of mine, Educator Fakuade.G. said and I quote,” language is the reliable reflection of the general public” at the end of the day a language is the thing that demonstrates the genuine idea of any general public. This infers what a language is intended to do in any general public is to reflect to the world what that society is about. The language of any general public hence should give us an ideal learning of what that society is about this incorporates; the way of life, convictions, method of dressing, marriage and each other sociolinguistic data about the general public. Language is additionally expected to be viewed as the image of a country similarly as the banner, Song of devotion, Cash and so on as it were, language is to be the window through which individuals can see into the general public.

As seen by Bamgbose, English is the language of coordination in Nigeria, in the midst of the exacerbating complexities of Nigeria particularly in connection to the language question, the main language that lists the soul of fellowship is English. This shows unmistakably that so far in Nigeria, English Language has had a significant influence in keeping Nigeria all together country. In the midst of our social assorted varieties and contrasts in convictions, English language has still assumed an extraordinary job in keeping Nigeria together and since it is the association between the different ethnic gatherings that exist in Nigeria, one can’t yet give that in addition to English in keeping us together up until now. Out of the more than 500 dialects that we have in Nigeria despite everything we have a connection and that connection is only English, this has filled in as the methods for correspondence between the various clans that are in Nigeria.

Of all the legacy deserted in Nigeria by the English toward the finish of pioneer organization, presumably, none is a higher priority than the English language. It is currently the language of government, business and trade, instruction, the broad communications, writing, and much inward just as outside correspondences. Bamgbose (1971)

As a Language of More extensive Correspondence (LWC), English is utilized for phatic fellowship, stylized reason, and instrument of keeping records, data scattering, self-trial and encapsulation of idea among the different semantic gatherings of Nigeria. The basic phonetic premise that establishes an imperative for the presence of any country is given by English. So with English as the basic tongue to all the ethnic gatherings, the aggregate opinion of having a place together regardless of the individual or ethnic contrasts is produced.

It is evident from that the language that has held Nigeria together cutting-edge, all things considered, has been English language which was passed on to us by our frontier aces thus far it has assumed that job well. In our official everyday correspondence it has significantly improved the relationship that existed between he different ethnic gatherings we have here in Nigeria. An Igbo man who has never been toward the western piece of the nation nor has any comprehension of Yoruba will see English and the best way to express his feeling, thought or whatever he needs to state in such a circumstance.

Another territory that language has been useful in keeping us together in Nigeria is in the zone of scholastics, this is on the grounds that it has, as it were, conquered any hindrance between the rich and poor, the advantaged and the less favored. Consequently we have English as the connection between the high-class and the low-class in Nigeria.

In religion the significant pretended by language can never be overemphasized, in different religious social event; English has filled in as the mode of correspondence consequently uniting the individuals under a similar umbrella. Numerous religious assembling in Nigeria either utilizes English in completing procedures and his obviously has contributed essentially to the quiet concurrence in our darling nation. Despite the fact that, we have had different religious questions and have had one clash at once or the other.

As we have prior pointed out the different jobs English in the achievement and sustenance of national solidarity be that as it may, I trust it would have been exceptional if the role(s) played so far by English had been played by an indigenous language, this is no intension or endeavor to slight English language, it has incredibly added to Nigeria’s national solidarity. In any case, I am persuaded inside that the circumstance would have been exceptional if that position had been involved by a language that is genuinely our own; if the language had been home-made.

Distortion of thoughts and articulation is one of the significant explanation behind clash that we have the world over today begun from the utilization of words/expressions, where thoughts proposed have been wrongly exhibited. You can never accomplish the degree of capability a local speaker would in his language and this has caused many individuals what they never expected, it has sent numerous to their inopportune grave. A man’s language is viewed as the device that causes him express his musings tragically for a man by utilizing another man’s language which is said to be his L2; he prevails with regards to distorting his thoughts. In such a circumstance he utilizes a word outside of any relevant connection to the issue at hand and a few people could be so touchy to the utilization of word. A large number of the contentions and ethnic question we have had in the past could have been turned away if our official language had been an indigenous language. The explanation is that numerous individuals have orally distorted their thoughts, perspectives and expectations because of their low degree of capability, they have picked an inappropriate word at an inappropriate time and this has prompted miserable declarations. We have picked English as our ‘official language of everyday” activity and exercises and this has prompted a circumstance whereby our indigenous dialects involve the rearward sitting arrangement. English language is the way in to any significant entryway, nobody who can’t convey in English language is required to involve a significant situation in any association.

The New Global Webster’s Extensive Word reference of The English Language (All encompassing release), characterizes language as, the articulation and correspondence of feelings or thoughts between individuals by methods for discourse and hearing, the sounds verbally expressed or heard being systematized and affirmed by use among a given people over a given timeframe.” From the above view, it recommends that a language should convey the inward (unique) thought and express what a specific speaker has inside. Yet, this isn’t generally so for a situation where a specific speaker isn’t capable in the language he is utilizing as a mode of correspondence at a point in time for example, a Hausa man who needs to speak with a Yoruba or an Igbo man should utilize English where his degree of capability is low contrasted with his L1 there is likely probability that such an individual is probably going to distort a portion of his intensions during correspondence and such may not be taken likely by the other party and could prompt clash between them. In such case would one say that language has had the option to assume it job well? This has unquestionably not supported the importance of language and the quintessence of correspondence.

The manner in which a specific idea is passed on is significant during correspondence; consequently the embodiment of any correspondence is to introduce precisely the inner thought a speaker. Numerous Nigerians think in their MT and attempt to impart their expectations in English and now and again thoughts have been distorted, they don’t have the right word to speak to their contemplations. The circumstance isn’t a similar when questioners from a similar ethnic foundation and where the two of them have legitimate information of the language.

Where there is a comparable language foundation and better understanding (and translating of thoughts is precise), there will be decrease in the degree of contention we have in Nigeria. We could make us of our rendition of the English language, the Pidgin English. I accept this will go far in diminishing the degree of the reoccurring struggle in our cherished nation, Nigeria. Since the wellspring of the greater part of these contentions have been the way and way our different thoughts have been wrongly communicated or translated, we should look for a superior method for correspondence and this is the explanation I accept everybody has a task to carry out. We should start to look for a superior method for conveying everything that needs to be conveyed and maintain a strategic distance from superfluous clash by utilizing a language that we are not achieve an empowering level of capability, and work on our relational abilities.

To this end, let the government look for the guidance of language master on the most proficient method to accomplish this objective and give all out thoughtfulness regarding this course. Give all benevolent Nigerian a chance to meet up and perceive how we can investigate and misuse the riches in our language as we drive towards national solidarity. What’s more, make each Nigerian understand that language can assume more that the job of correspondence. Give us a chance to audit our language arrangement in other also maintain a strategic distance from the demise of our language, which is our image.

It is pressing for us to start to consider language to be a v

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