Donald Trump Is Going To Be The 45th President of the United States

By Corey LeBlanc

Donald Trump is going to be the 45th President of the United States. Donald Trump will beat Hillary Clinton. I said it – and this is purely an objective take on this election. My personal bias is that I want Trump to win and to end the past eight years of incredibly dangerous hyper-political correctness – I have been watching this campaign religiously, and have made an extraordinary effort to do so through an objective lens. I refuse to watch Fox News coverage of this election, and force myself instead to give the left-leaning CNN (Clinton News Network) my desperately needed eyeballs. I refuse to take anything Breitbart says seriously (although they are routinely proven to be correct) and force myself to read Huffington Post un-ironically (the outlet that publishes numerous articles preaching diversity and inclusivity, then refers to a major party candidate as ‘white devil man’). The only conclusion I can come to is that Donald Trump is going to win. I know it, and you know it. We all do. I will briefly explain why, and then explain what happens next.



Donald Trump has accomplished something that has not been done since John. F. Kennedy ran a civil-rights focused campaign as the standard-bearer of the party of the Ku Klux Klan, the Democratic Party. He has completely changed voting allegiances across the United States. Pre-Trump, the two major American political parties could be defined as two broad-based voting coalitions; the Republicans who represented southern white-identity voters who had formed an alliance with wealthy corporate interests, and the Democrats, who represented ‘minority’ voters who had formed an alliance with northern working-class unionized (in most cases) Whites. Trump has flipped this formula on its head. The Republican Party of Donald Trump represents a new alliance of southern white-identity voters and northern working-class unionized Whites versus the rest of America (read: ‘minority’ voters, wealthy corporate interests, and ‘educated’ Whites who don’t want to appear racist). The problem for the Democrats (the rest of America), is that despite the hype surrounding the growing ‘minority’ vote over the past couple of election cycles, Whites still make up an overwhelming portion of the American electorate. If White people decide this election -and they will – Trump wins.

Yet the question remains – why will Whites elect Donald Trump? The answer to this question is both anecdotal, and stats-backed. Summarized very succinctly, White Americans have become sick and tired of being the proverbial punching bag of America. The fact is, when White Americans hear the term diversity, large numbers of them interpret this as code for ‘less White people’. Likewise, when White Americans see the media blame Christianity for a self-professed Islamic terror attack against the LGBTQ community, they become understandably irate. Further, when White Americans see mainly African-American and minority communities rally against America’s police men and women, who are overwhelmingly White, they perceive this as an attack on the White community at-large. Finally, White Americans have seen their slice of the so-called economic pie shrink over the last several decades, as other communities have seen their wealth increase. White Americans are especially bothered by this economic reality, as they perceive that they are losing out on the benefits of an economy that they believe they built. This results in White America becoming resentful towards those they view as leeching off their economy, such as illegal Mexican immigrants. This has all resulted in White Americans overwhelmingly supporting Donald Trump, despite the non-stop full-frontal attack on him by the American media and the American elite (and apparently on his supporters by his Democratic rival). Compounded with the fact that Democratic voters are not nearly as enthused to vote for Hillary Clinton as they were her predecessor, the first Black President, Barack Obama (which could result in a lower than expected Democratic turn-out), Trump wins.


What Happens After Trump Wins:

#1. Likely the first executive action President Trump will enact, on his first day in office, is that which requires American law enforcement to begin enforcing already existing American immigration laws, and to begin capturing and deporting criminal illegal immigrants.

#2. The second most likely executive action President Trump will enact, is that which blocks all immigration and travel to the US for people from nations with a proven history of terrorism (read: most of the Middle East). This, despite media untruths, is entirely within the power of the President of the United States (see: Japanese internment in World War 2 at the behest of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the end of immigration from Iran following the Iranian hostage situation at the behest of President Jimmy Carter).

#3. President Trump – granted the Republicans maintain control of the US House and Senate in the election (and they should based on current polling) – will begin to work on a new federal budget which includes the construction of a massive southern border wall. The Republican Party quietly added Trump’s border wall to their official 2016 election platform a couple of months ago at the Republican National Convention, making this a near-sure thing. There are already contractors offering their services to build the wall (including one Israeli firm which helped build Israel’s supremely successful barrier wall). Oh – and Mexico will pay for the wall. Seriously. It’s this easy. Or this easy. And this easy.

#4. The United States will enter an almost immediate trade war with China. This, in turn, may cause the entire global economy to melt down – at least temporarily. While I do not believe this will result in a prolonged depression, or even a prolonged recession, it will most certainly cause markets to collapse for at least a few months. If Brexit showed us anything – rather than people’s growing resentment of mass-migration – it is that isolationist fervor, so long as it is initiated by the nation with more leverage, is not as damaging as some doomsayers would have us believe. While the margin has certainly closed in recent years, the United States still holds leverage on China – and in the case of an all-out trade war between the two, China would undoubtedly suffer more, providing incentive for the Chinese to play nice with President Trump.

#5. The United States, despite Trump’s rhetoric on the Islamic State, likely won’t change much of its current strategy in the Middle East. Perhaps the US military will begin to co-ordinate with Russia and the Syrian government in regards to airstrikes against Islamist militants – but don’t expect a ground invasion. It appears that Trump’s most drastic strategy change will be to simply refuse to accept Syrian refugees – as he believes they could be “a great Trojan horse.” He often reads this poem in their honour (which has since been used in a number of online viral videos).

#6. The global world order will shift. Trump has made clear he wants to play nice with Russia, and play tough with the Middle East, China, and Latin America. Despite the much discussed “North-South” global dichotomy, in chance of a Trump win – this may truly become reality.

#7. Trump will, in his own words, “bring back our (American) jobs from overseas.” Trump often brags that he and Bernie Sanders agreed on one thing – that the United States is being ripped off in trade. Trump is partially correct. The United States is running up massive trade deficits, which in turn contributes to the American budget deficit as a whole. However, this is mainly due to the fact the United States has hamstrung itself from competing in the manufacturing sector through numerous regulations. Regardless, the fact that many corporations maintain their base of operations in the United States, whether de jure (the actual HQ’s are indeed in America) or de facto (the CEO’s and Board Members of these corporations are American Citizens, and the corporation’s liquid assets are kept in American, or American protected (Cayman Islands, Switzerland) banks) means that a President Trump has substantial leverage over them. Trump has sold himself to the American people as a strong man who will do anything to benefit his country, and we should believe what he says. Seize the means of production anyone?

#8. Riots. If Donald Trump wins, expect riots. Do we really think that an organization like Black Lives Matter will stay silent in what may present a perceived historic setback for civil rights? Likewise, expect an emboldened White America to respond in kind. It very well could get ugly.