Russians Helped American Democracy: Get Over It

By Josh Skinner

Since the final nail in the coffin of the ill sought campaign of Hillary Clinton was met its hammer on December 19th, the day that the electoral college elected to not start a coup, there has been a new campaign undertaken by Democrats. The campaign of “it’s not her fault” has been in full swing since the initial election results came up Donald. However, now that there is no hope for a last minute call from the governor, the Democratic Party has been able to devote all of its resources into what should be forever known as The Blame of Thrones.

Vying for the legitimate scapegoat throne are a few potential candidates in the eyes of the Democratic Party. James Comey was a mean and spiteful man that acted illegally in the eyes of many Democrats, and stole the election from Hillary, not the emails themselves. Lazy voters in the rustbelt didn’t vote, and left Hillary out to dry, not the other way around when Hillary neglected to campaign in the rustbelt region. There have been a few prime culprits in The Blame of Thrones, all of which have had their own story arcs. However, it is known that just as in the actual show, the true heir to the throne is across an ocean, has historic ties to the scapegoat throne, from the Mccarthy era to now, when in doubt you can always blame the Russians.

The goddamn Russians did it again, according to Democrats. They hacked into sacrosanct American servers, stole some passwords, and single handedly won the Donald. To be fair, the Russians probably did hack ole Podesta’s emails, and there’s no question that they did so with the intention of swaying the election in Trump’s favor. This topic becomes exhausting when the party that used leaks against Nixon to tank his presidency straddles their high horse with authority and cries to the world that democracy was attacked by the Russians.

The idea that a series of emails highlighting the flaws in not just the candidate, but the entire institution backing her as well is somehow an attack on democracy is pure shrimp. If this narrative is pursued to its final destination, it amounts to politicians demanding that their privacy be respected, and that violators of this privacy are not whistleblowers, but are instead termites eating away at the foundation of democracy.

Nobody wants this world that the Blame of Thrones is trying to to create. Information does not undermine democracy because it creates an undesirable outcome for the exposed. The Russians wanted Donald Trump to win because he seemed to be less aggressive towards them. If the Russian government was found to be a direct sponsor of the Trump campaign, the situation would be different, that would amount to establishing a puppet in the White House, which is currently a privilege that is strictly reserved for Wall Street backed Super PACs.

What the Russians did was more subtle, and served to remind Americans that they aren’t the gold standard for democracy. The Democratic National Committee fed information from the Bernie Campaign into the pre-ordained Clinton Administration. The DNC approved a list of questions to be asked Hillary during a town hall debate.

The DNC is a neutral body meant to be a conduit for constituents to choose the leader they feel best to represent their interests. The DNC was shown to be a partisan institution in favor of the Clinton campaign, a betrayal of its’ core purpose. The fact that it took the goddamn Russians to prove it should not distract from this.

An institution that just got exposed for anti-democratic practices is trying to make a tv show to pass the blame for losing a democratic contest. To get exposed to the world for undermining democracy is nothing new to the American government. To turn around and point to the Russians accusing them of attacking democracy in this circumstance is the geopolitical equivalent of “I know you are but what am I”?

Democrats in America have a lot of self reflection ahead of them. Maybe it’s too much to ask of them to take a defeat that no one saw coming and immediately turn around look at why they lost. Maybe they need this grieving period to parse through their emotions. Maybe they just need to binge the final 6 or 7 seasons of Blame of Thrones to realize that they were to blame all along.