Foreword is a blog run by young folk, principally but not exclusively for other young folk. We started the blog to provide a forward-thinking outlook, with content rooted in history and aimed at finding progressive solutions. Often though, seeking to solve what seems unsolvable is futile, so we hope to stimulate a sense of wonder and maybe this will give us a better understanding what’s going on in the world, even if we cannot fix it.

People are generally alright and should be given the benefit of the doubt more often than not. There is always more to a person than we can ever know or make sense of, hopefully we can emphasise this in showing that our view of the world is never complete. While generally holding the progressive lefty-liberal position, we will encourage dissent from both sides- and anyway, these sorts of viewpoints are pretty malleable today.

In all likelihood, we will end up appealing to the same bubble of people, but this is unavoidable to some extent, so breaking out of this at all will be a bonus. Likewise, as young people talking about the world out there, we will more than nudge the boundaries of pretentiousness, but again, this is unavoidable, but important for us to acknowledge. We know nothing, but hope to learn something.

Feel free to get in touch if you wish to contribute- if you aren’t too barmy we’d love to have you. For anything else too, our emails are dmorrison106@outlook.com and sharlenegandhi@gmail.com.