Dan Morrison- El Comandante

Desperately striving for mediocrity with amateur goose photogaphy and a stiff back. I am a jack of all trades studying at Lancaster. I love most things Middle Eastern (apart from the dictators), a long suffering Ipswich Town supporter and former cricket badger. I really like Coffee. I miss The Only. I’m hoping I’ll stumble into a mildly meaningful postgraduate existence. Read my musings here.

Sharlene Gandhi- Editor

I study Marketing and French at Lancaster University, and am probably defined by my inescapable feminist politics and my lack of height. A self-confessed lover of languages, cultures, and most people I meet, I’m ready to jump onto a plane to anywhere most of the time. I also often take dangerous life advice from The Mindy Project. Can be found eyeing up designer shirts or juggling too many tasks at once. You can find my bits and bobs here.

Alexander Chrisostomou – Contributor / Resident Anarchist

I study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Lancaster University. Unafraid to challenge conventional thought, I’m probably the first market anarchist you will have heard of; ask me about Austrian Economics. I’m not always serious though; you may find me listening to hip-hop, running on the track (or road, or forest), but when I’m not philosophising, bumping to MF Doom, or running 5Ks, I’m being disappointed by Spurs. You can find my pieces here.

     Joshua Skinner  – Contributor/Canadian 

Josh Skinner is an independent journalist that don’t need no job; he’s not a wasteman he’s the fun man of politics. He scavenges short term contracts and stories the way radiated Turkey Buzzards sniff out 6-legged gazelles post-Kanyepocalypse. As a university student studying politics, he takes special delight in telling his family members about the clandestine government meetings he regularly attends. He does his his own Podcast titled Trent Variety which boasts to be “theebest non-news news organization” in the huge town/tiny city that he currently resides in. His stories are a way channeling his need to be a white savior. His natural environment is shaking his head and laughing nervously while hunched over his laptop reading the latest news. Josh’s musings can be found here.

Chris Chiam- Contributor  

I am an Essex University student who has frolicked about in the field of philosophy for a few years now. Most of that time has been spent rolling in patches of existentialist nettles, and subsequently I’ve become a fairly miserable person. But I don’t just mope, I write too, and I’ve discovered that it is all I want to do forever.
It’s a shame. More often than not, a dream rarely moves outside of itself. My writings live here.

Jasmin Rafiq- Contributor

I study psychology at Durham university (yes, I can read minds). I spend most of my time being loud and angry in some manner. The rest of my time is spent in the company of my dog. Contact for brutally honest life advice and assessment on the general state of the world*. My articles can be found here.

*accurate 73% of the time

Tyler Majer- Poet

Tyler works out of Peterborough, Ontario, and reluctantly attends Trent University. He loathes deeply, while drinking often. The cigarettes will soon consume his life. Read his journalistic work while you still can at while reading his artistic work at this very site.

I would say that he would be appreciative, but that may not be the truth. Find his haunting poetry here.

Alannah Taylor – Poet

Alannah is from London and studying in Bristol. At the moment she is experimenting with lots of different forms of writing, but particularly poetry and drama. For any questions or to see more, contact her at Alannah’s poems can be found here.