Submission Guidelines

To submit to Foreword, you can email your piece to one of the editors (Dan: or Sharlene: Here are a few guidelines for each section to get you started!

Happenings covers current affairs and political issues

  • Find a specific topic to focus on, as this helps to guide your writing
  • Be clear and concise; if you can use one word rather than three, use one. Try not to overwrite.
  • Aim for around 1000 words; this is a rough guideline
  • Feel free to submit a series of articles.

Humankind is about growing up in the modern world and includes anonymous monologues, where anyone can write about their experiences with mental health issues or growing up-specific problems.

  • Monologues and Humankind aim to promote a greater understanding of our generation’s experiences
  • The monologues in particular look to cover mental health, but are not limited to
  • The anonymity encourages those who are not particularly confident to write, allowing people to express themselves more confidently. It also means that people can relate directly to the stories.
  • The anonymity should be upheld and respected to the fullest extent- if you submit, please do not reveal that you have written the monologue on social media or in person. We ask that readers do not speculate who wrote the articles; this is unfair on those who have written or who may wish to write in the future

Not Just Other Stuff

  • The aim is to entertain. It is helpful, but not compulsory, if it is socially relevant
  • We welcome poetry, satire and creative writing