"In a country like India, where “Twelfth fail” is not a description but rather an insult, Pathak turns the phrase on its head through the inspiring tale of Manoj Kumar Sharma. Rising above the hurdles and challenges on his way, Manoj Sharma has made his mark through his many achievements i.e. his current position as an IPS officer."

Twelfth Fail by Anurag Pathak review: inspirational

Twelfth Fail by Anurag Pathak is a non-fiction book set in India. The book was published by Neolit Publication in Hindi.

It is about a village boy who clears his twelfth class examinations in the second attempt and then goes on to clear the prestigious civil services exam against all odds, thus joining the Indian Police Service.

It is an inspirational story of sheer determination which goes on to emphasize that no goal is impossible if you just make up your mind to achieve it. I am sure the author has taken some creative liberty to make the story interesting to read. Nevertheless, I liked the final interview scene wherein the protagonist turns the tide in his favour all by his wit.

The writing style was pretty average. The narration gets boring in between when the plot digresses from the main subject and into Manoj’s personal life and his love affair with Shraddha.

There are a lot of takeaways from this book. An underdog can beat the experts if they work hard enough, no matter the circumstances. Love affair does not need to be a distraction, it can be the support one can lean on in times of need. In the long run, optimism will always beat pessimism. Daring to try is the first step towards achieving anything.

Or as the tagline of the book goes “हारा वही जो लड़ा नहीं”, which translates to “loser is the one who didn’t fight”. Manoj’s never-giving-up attitude is what made him who he is today.

With less than 200 pages, it is a short read. A perfect candidate for your yearly reading goal.

A decent read overall.

Purchase your copy of Twelfth Fail. Also, refer to its Goodreads listing.

Cover image courtesy of Neolit Publication.

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